Sunday, May 19, 2013

Field Report: Welkinweir, May 18, 2013

On Saturday, May 18, walk leader Rick Keyser spotted 51 species and one unidentified flycatcher. Despite the gray weather, some notable birds were spotted, including Alder Flycatcher and Blue-winged Warbler. The complete list, as submitted to eBird follows:

Canada Goose   2    Vocal swimming pair on Rodebaugh pond
Great Blue Heron   2    Perched and flying about large pond
Black Vulture   1    At carrion in a field across the road, with TUVUs
Turkey Vulture   3    Soaring
Red-tailed Hawk   1    Soaring adult
Spotted Sandpiper   1    Seen flying over the large pond
Mourning Dove   2    Singing
Yellow-billed Cuckoo   1    Heard well
Ruby-throated Hummingbird   3
Belted Kingfisher   1
Red-bellied Woodpecker   3
Downy Woodpecker   1    Heard whinny
Northern Flicker   2
Pileated Woodpecker   1    Heard drumming; saw a vocal male shortly after group left
Alder Flycatcher   1    Heard well singing repeatedly
Empidonax sp.   1    Heard calling.  Believe it was a Least Flycatcher.
Eastern Phoebe   1
Great Crested Flycatcher   2    Vocal, saw one briefly
Eastern Kingbird   1    Seen perched, vocal
White-eyed Vireo   1    Heard singing repeatedly
Red-eyed Vireo   5    Counter-singing, saw one singing on perch (backlit)
Blue Jay   20    Conservative estimate - moving in flocks of up to 10
American Crow   6    A vocal group probably mobbing a distant raptor
Tree Swallow   6    In nestboxes, vocal
Barn Swallow   2    Vocal
Carolina Chickadee   5    Calling; singing
Tufted Titmouse   3    Singing
House Wren   8    Singing
Carolina Wren   3    Singing
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher   5    Heard calling
Eastern Bluebird   3    M/f pair seen
Veery   2    Seen calling; singing
Wood Thrush   4    Heard counter-singing
Gray Catbird   20    Conservative estimate - calling; singing
Cedar Waxwing   5
Ovenbird   6    Saw pair in woods; counter-singing
Louisiana Waterthrush   2    Singing;  along the small stream seen well an agitated pair calling and carrying food in bill
Blue-winged Warbler   3    Saw pair very well; singing
Common Yellowthroat   2    Saw one male well, singing; calling
Magnolia Warbler   1    Singing; saw after group left
Yellow Warbler   1    Heard singing
Eastern Towhee   4    Singing
Chipping Sparrow   2    Singing
Song Sparrow   5    Singing
Scarlet Tanager   2    M/f pair seen briefly
Northern Cardinal   5    Saw m/f pair; singing; calling
Indigo Bunting   1    Saw male perched, not singing
Red-winged Blackbird   6    Calling; counter-singing
Common Grackle   1    Short tail (female COGR, or possibly a RUBL ?)
Brown-headed Cowbird   3    Singing; calling
Baltimore Oriole   3    Heard singing
American Goldfinch   5    Singing; calling

In addition to the birds, the group also observed bullfrogs and a gray tree-frog.

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